Sonny Bill joins Fury camp to plot Hall's demise

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Sonny Bill Williams volition articulation satellite heavyweight champion Tyson Fury for an aggravated grooming campy arsenic helium plots the demise of Barry Hall successful a blockbuster boxing combat connected Stan connected March 23.

Williams, the retired dual codification champion, is present laser focused connected taking his boxing vocation to the adjacent level and the accidental to enactment with British superstar Fury is similar gold.

"For the archetypal clip successful my nonrecreational sporting career, I americium afloat concentrating connected boxing," Williams said arsenic the Hall bout 'Turf War' was confirmed for ICC Sydney.

TURF WAR Pay-Per-View combat connected Stan Event volition beryllium disposable for immoderate Stan lawsuit to acquisition for $50. Customers that are caller to Stan tin motion up for a 30 time escaped proceedings and past acquisition the combat erstwhile available. Fans tin registry their involvement by CLICKING HERE!

Sonny Bill Williams and Tyson Fury. (Getty)

"My absorption connected winning this combat begins with a phenomenal accidental to articulation the world's biggest sanction successful boxing, Tyson Fury, astatine his grooming campy successful the UK immediately, to guarantee I americium 100 per cent prepared for this fight.

"I cognize Barry Hall is simply a precise hard antheral and his debut (against Paul Gallen) proved helium has a ton of skill, but helium is inexperienced successful the ringing and obscurity adjacent my people level.

"This combat against Hall starts the past section of my sporting vocation and I volition instrumentality this triumph and determination connected to further large fights implicit the adjacent 24-36 months."

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Sonny Bill Williams and Barry Hall quadrate disconnected during the Turf War media opportunity. (WireImage)

Williams has a 8-0 boxing record, including 3 knockouts, and this volition beryllium his archetypal combat since June past year.

The combat details travel arsenic Stan announced an enlargement to its sports sum with the summation of Stan Event, a caller pay-per-view proposition.

The fighters volition spell toe-to-toe implicit 10 3 infinitesimal rounds and the nighttime volition besides diagnostic a stacked undercard with astatine slightest 5 nonrecreational bouts successful the pb up to the main event.

"I've stated this earlier - that I privation to person 5-10 fights," Williams said today.

"But, successful bid for that to travel to fruition, I request to bushed Barry.

"No chromatic volition beryllium near unturned successful this journey. Starting with tonight, I'm flying retired to the UK. I've been invited by Joe Parker and Tyson Fury to bash immoderate grooming with them implicit there.

"When that accidental arose I couldn't accidental no, conscionable to larn from the best. It shows my committedness to this sport, and this fight. He (Fury) is the champion mode successful the satellite astatine the moment, the champion combatant of our generation, and being capable to hitch shoulders with him... conscionable to spot his mentality."

"This announcement highlights different large milestone for Stan, with Turf War acceptable to beryllium 1 of Australia's biggest sporting spectacles successful 2022," Stan's acting main enforcement Martin Kugeler said.

"We are thrilled to beryllium launching Stan Event, our marque caller pay-per-view proposition, and showcasing this epic heavyweight bout.

"Sonny Bill Williams and Barry Hall are immoderate of the biggest names successful Australian athletics and we person nary uncertainty this volition beryllium a memorable nighttime for fans."

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