Konami Celebrating Castlevania’s 35th Anniversary With New 'Memorial NFT' Collection

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Konami is celebrating the 35th day of its Castlevania bid with a caller “memorial NFT” collection. 

More specifically, the institution is auctioning 14 NFTs, immoderate of which are conscionable static images, others which look to beryllium videos. You can, of course, presumption each close present connected their website – nary acquisition required – but you won’t beryllium capable to spot however overmuch each is going for arsenic the auctions won’t statesman until January 12. 

“Konami Memorial NFT is simply a caller inaugural to stock contented that has been loved by players each implicit the world, for galore years,” a property merchandise reads. “As the company’s archetypal task successful this country and with NFTs and blockchains exertion successful its infancy, Konami volition proceed to research caller developments and perceive to subordinate feedback pursuing this archetypal collection.” 

Konami says the artworks dwell of crippled scenes, inheritance music, and “newly drawn visuals from crossed the series’ history.” The institution besides teases the aboriginal of the Castlevania series, citing that it volition “continue to enactment the titles presently available, portion besides assessing caller opportunities for titles that volition conscionable and transcend subordinate expectations.” 

Here are a fewer of the NFTs Konami volition auction disconnected connected January 12 – arsenic for what makes these peculiar versus different pieces of creation and different videos, that's up to you: 

Castlevania – Dracula’s Castle Pixel Art

“Orignal pixel art, recently drawn for this collection. This creation is based connected the Dracula’s Castle representation that appears successful the archetypal Castlevania game, with the corresponding stages and creatures added to relive the action.” 

Castlevania – Vampire Killer

“The iconic euphony way from the opening level (Block 1) of the archetypal Castlevania, presented arsenic a video with galore in-game scenes shown.” 

Castlevania – Highlights

“A item movie edited with assorted gameplay footage, focusing connected scenes that are astir memorable to Castlevania fans. The movie condenses the records of the legendary vampire hunter, Simon Belmont, and his onslaught connected Dracula’s Castle to 3 minutes and 34 seconds.” 

Blockchain games and NFTs person drawn dense disapproval successful the manufacture frankincense acold owed to their portion successful ongoing biology damage. The usage of cryptocurrencies, which are often utilized to acquisition NFTs, and the mining of said currencies results successful millions of c dioxide emissions, damaging Earth’s atmosphere, arsenic reported by The Verge

At the moment, the usage of cryptocurrencies is mostly viewed arsenic harmful to the planet. Ethereum, 1 of the most-used cryptocurrencies, though, is moving connected thing it calls “The Merge,” which it says volition “start the epoch of a much sustainable, eco-friendly Ethereum.” Only clip volition archer however greenish Ethereum becomes. Regardless, it seems Konami is acceptable connected embracing NFTs and the blockchain successful its adjacent future. 

What bash you deliberation of this NFT collection? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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