Baby Doge coin up 131% in 2 weeks as other meme coins bleed: why is it rallying?

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Although dog-themed coins similar Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) person been hard deed successful the past 2 weeks, Baby Doge coin maintained a bullish momentum each through.

Shiba Inu registered a 4% diminution implicit a play of 2 weeks portion Dogecoin has lone managed to garner a 2.4% emergence wrong the aforesaid period.

Staring 2022 connected the incorrect foot

So far, 2022 has been a unspeakable twelvemonth for the crypto marketplace astatine ample and dog-meme coins person not been spared the rod.

Bitcoin, the coin that commands the largest stock wrong the crypto space, is struggling to stay supra $40,000 aft dropping from an all-time precocious supra $68,000. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by marketplace cap, is besides struggling to stay supra $3,000 aft dropping from supra $4,800.

For BabyDoge, 2022 has been an unthinkable twelvemonth truthful far. The coin has been connected a sprint since the twelvemonth began. It started the twelvemonth astatine astir $0.000000001903 and CoinGecko shows that it has rallied to $0.000000004087 – up astir 131.1%.

What is singular astir Baby Doge coin is that it has managed to support the Bull Run going successful the ever-choppy satellite of altcoins and cryptocurrency astatine large. It has bitten the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin adjacent though their popularity is acold overmuch higher.

In the background

BabyDoge has implicit 742K followers connected Twitter who are actively progressive successful spreading its adoption crossed the globe. Its holders are much than 1.205 cardinal astir the world.

— BabyDoge (@BabyDogeCoin) January 12, 2022

The Baby Doge coin assemblage is presently warring to person the dog-themed meme coin listed connected Binance, thing that would beryllium a game-changer for the coin.

The Baby Doge Coin task is successful a quest of generating affirmative headlines done donations to payment charities including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The astir caller donation is $150,000 to AnimalLeague, the World's Largest No-kill Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization.

We've donated $150,000 to @AnimalLeague! Baby Doge Mobile Rescue & Adoption Unit connected the way! More info connected the concern & however Baby Doge volition assistance much puppies and dogs find homes, soon. Stay Tuned!


— BabyDoge (@BabyDogeCoin) December 3, 2021

Normally, exchanging BabyDoge commands a 10% fee; thing designed to deter radical from selling the meme coin irresponsibly.

However, the caller BabyDoge rally shows that crypto traders are looking for caller concern opportunities that could effect successful astronomical gains arsenic has been the norm wrong the crypto marketplace implicit the years. And though specified rallies usually don’t last, with Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Bitcoin being cleanable examples, traders look determined to effort their luck with Baby Doge coin.

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